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Anxiety, Depression, Sadness, Problems with decision making, Lack of interest in life, Lack of Attention and concentration, Negative thinking, difficulty forgetting past Individual Counseling - 360 degree change in life Marriage Counseling - Cherish your life with life partner counseling for Anxiety & Depression - fight with innate potential Anger & Stress Management - Real life solutions for anger and stress related issues. Treatment for Mood Disorders - NO prescription therapy Life-skills coaching for academic issues - Education will become magic instead of tragic.


The Genesis Psychology Clinic that specializes in cognitive behavioral and interpersonally-oriented psychotherapy. Our trained, multi-disciplinary team of Lifestyle Psychologist, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, provides individualized psychological assessment and treatment to children, adolescents, adults, couples and families for a variety of problems, including ADHD, anxiety, depression, fears/phobias, stress, addictions, eating disorders, pain management, post-traumatic stress, panic disorder, sports psychology issues, family difficulties, life transitions, loss/bereavement, self-esteem, and marital relationship difficulties. Our clinic was envisaged with the vision of assimilate social, emotional, psychological wellness along with physical wellness. The clinic offers specialized services delivered by skilled consultants who are highly experienced, compassionate and committed to providing quality health care. Our team of consultants functions collaboratively to provide comprehensive care that enhances total wellness. Customized Treatment Plan The Clinic provides individualized psychological assessment and treatment. This means that your program of treatment will be designed especially for you. You will collaborate with your therapist to design a treatment program that meets your unique needs. MULTI-DISCIPLINARY TEAM All treatment begins with an assessment. We ask about your symptoms, experiences and personal history so that we can determine what kind of problems you may be having and how your life is being disrupted. After the assessment, you will begin therapy and forge a therapeutic alliance with someone you can be open and honest with. Your therapy will be collaboration between you and your therapist.

We are there for you if you are… in need more confidence to excel aspire to enhance yourself experiencing sadness, fear, or uneasiness repetitive thoughts disturbing you Inability to turn around your negative thinking a graph here. Psychometric Assessment We have tied up with reputed national and International psychometric assessment industry. To give you crystal clear, impeccable assessment with impartial and guaranteed confidentiality 

Using an innovative data-driven approach, we are offering an individually tailored cognitive-behavioral treatment for adults with anxiety and/or depression. Call now and request a consultation with this Specialty Clinic

We will continue to offer our regular array of individual, couples, and family services



Life Coaching is indeed, a unique service customized to help ambitious achievers meet the outcome that will bring them success, fulfillment and contentment. 

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